Real Estate

Given the inherent complexity of property laws, even the simplest of real estate transactions requires unwavering attention to detail. Whether you’re acquiring new property, looking to sell, or facing a property dispute, you need a real estate attorney Erie County, PA residents can rely on. Real estate transactions are often the largest and most important financial decisions a person will make in their life, making it all the more important to be certain your interests are protected before finalizing any deal.

At Orton & Orton, we know how to deftly navigate real estate laws and regulations to help you with everything from financing and development to liability and litigation. We provide negotiation and consulting services for contract preparation and reviews, applying our comprehensive experience with both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

From signing a new lease to navigating a sale or developing a commercial property, we walk through the process with you to ensure every detail is handled correctly. Call 814.347.5724 to schedule your consultation with our knowledgeable real estate attorneys today.