Family Law

Because of the emotions and complex circumstances involved, legal matters involving family are some of the toughest cases for all parties. We understand that every family is different and requires unique legal solutions to whatever legal matter you’re facing. We approach every case with the compassion and understanding it deserves, providing prompt and personal service you can count on.

In addition to the adults involved in the case, it’s also important to understand how the law applies in matters involving children to best protect their interests and minimize emotional challenges. We can explain your options and help you negotiate for a fair custody agreement as well as revise an existing agreement to account for changes in your circumstances and the needs of your child.

Whether you’re preparing a prenuptial agreement, planning an adoption, facing a divorce, or dealing with a custody dispute, we can provide comprehensive guidance as highly experienced family lawyers in Erie County, PA. Schedule a case evaluation with our experienced attorneys at 814.347.5724 and we’ll review your case.